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Getting started

To get started, you will need the Python interpreter or a Python IDE. An IDE is a tool that will make the experience of software development much better. Related course: Python interpreter You can download Python interpreter here: The Python interpreter is a command line program, we’ll discuss it in the next lecture. Python […]


What is REPL? REPL is the language shell. Its short for Read, Eval, Print and Loop. To start the language shell, type ‘python’ and press enter. $ python Python 3.6.1 (default, Mar 27 2017, 01:39:26) [GCC 6.3.1 20170306] on linux Type “help”, “copyright”, “credits” or “license” for more information. >>> 700713 + 700713 # read, […]

How to run

Learn how to run Python code? You can execute Python code from the terminal or from a Python IDE. An IDE is a graphical environment that assitsts in software development. If you are new to Python, I recommend this course: How to run Python All Python programs are written in code, text files with lots […]

Python IDE

Python IDE : a software development tool. Compare Python IDEs. An integrated software developent (IDE) makes software development much better! Code with tabs, syntax highlighting, code completion and many awesome features! Related courses: Python IDEs A list of the most popular Python IDEs. These are some of the most popular. If you are a total […]

Text output

we can output to the terminal with print function. In this article we’ll show you how to output text to the screen with Python. Related Courses: Output To output text to the screen you will need one line of code:

If you run the program: Hello World Print newline To write multiple lines, add […]

Text Input

Want to get keyboard input? To get keyboard input, use the input function. The input function has a return variable. In this case the keyboard input. If we do not store the return variable into a programs variable, we lose it. That’s why we write a variable to store the result in. Related Courses: User […]


Strings in Python can be defined using quote symbols. An example of a string definition and output below:

This will output to the terminal: Hello World   Related Course: Accesing array elements You may access character elements of a string using the brackets symbol, which are [ and ]. We do so by specifying […]

Split string

Want to split a string? To split a string, we use the method .split(). This method will return one or more new strings. All substrings are returned in the list datatype. Note: Split with the method str.split(sep, maxsplit). The 2nd parameter is optional. If maxsplit is set, it returns no more than maxsplit elements.   […]

If statements

If statements are all about choices. A block of code is executed based on one or more conditions. The block of code will only be executed if the condition is true. Related Course: If statements Computer programs do not only execute instructions. Occasionally, a choice needs to be made. Such as a choice is based […]

if elif and else

We can chain if statements. How? Using the keywords elif and else. That way, we can walk through all options for the condition. Imagine a weather app: if snow, elif rain, elif thunder, else sunny. We can execute different code for each condition. Related Course: If elif and else We can execute blocks of code […]