Comments are little texts that can be added in code. They are created for programmers to read, not computers. A comment is simply one or more lines of text that is not executed by the computer.

There are two ways to comment in Python:
single-line comments and multi-line comments.

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Single line comment

A single line comment starts with the number sign (#) character:

  # This is a comment

For each line you want to comment, put the number sign (#) in front.

# print('This is not run')

Comments should help other software developers, not be obvious like:

typical code comments

Multiline comment

Multiple lines can be created by repeating the number sign several times:

# This is a comment
# second line
x = 4

but this quickly becomes impractical. A common way to use comments for multiple lines is to use the (‘’’) symbol:
  ''' This is a multiline 
Python comment example.'''
x = 5