It is well known that machine learning represents a complex topic to deal with due to the fact that there are available a multitude of resources that happen to age at a rapid rate.

Moreover, the technical jargon makes learning machine even more tricky and the amount of time you need to allocate for this task is huge.

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Machine Learning

The first approach should be discovering the variety of languages which give capabilities to machine learning.

At this time R and Python represent the most used languages in this field and they feature a vast support from communities worldwide.

Before starting machine learning is highly recommended to study one of those two languages.

Also, you can take into account other languages such as Scala, depending on your needs. But just knowing Python is enough.

Learn Machine Learning

Don`t get overwhelmed by the amount of data you will encounter. It is rather normal to not remember everything and to re-read concepts as you face problems.

  • Step 1:
    Basic Statistics will help you understand how a machine language functions and its statistical libraries or methods. For Python, there are machine learning libraries like sklearn.
import sklearn
  • Step 2:
    Data Exploration. This makes a huge difference between an expert machine learning professional and an average one.

    Learn about feature engineering, outlier treatment or variable identification are all helpful in establishing a qualitative data cleaning in any machine learning language.


  • Step 3:
    Opt for a learning course such as
    Machine Learning with Python.

    This type of courses will offer you a broad introduction in machine learning along with different resources for properly understanding algorithms and techniques.

  • Step 4:
    Advanced machine learning and it can only be done with the knowledge base you create by following closely the first three steps.

    Various concepts like Deep Learning and Machine Learning with Big Data need thorough understanding in order to successfully master machine learning.

Practice makes perfect

Furthermore, it is best to take into account the following:

  • don`t forget to ask yourself why any time you got the chance. This will permit you to see the bigger picture and understand the dataset you have properly.

  • Remember that learning machine language can be done only with a lot of practice.

Bottom line, if you undergo all the steps mentioned above, you will definitely end up being great at applied machine learning.

It is a rather interesting field because of the fact that it is a challenging domain that require constant learning, computer vision and natural machine language understanding.

To become the best machine learning engineer you will have to constantly learn and boost your skills.

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