How to run

Learn how to run Python code?

You can execute Python code from the terminal or from a Python IDE. An IDE is a graphical environment that assitsts in software development.

If you are new to Python, I recommend this course:
Complete Python Bootcamp: Go from zero to hero in Python

How to run Python

All Python programs are written in code, text files with lots of instructions. These are saved with the extension .py.

Note: Often a Python program is not just one file, but many files.
python program

To run a Python program, you need to have Python installed.

Python installed?

Open a terminal and type:

where is the name of your program. If you have more than one file, the main program is often the name of the program itself;

Use an IDE

Sometimes an easier way to execute Python programs is using a Python IDE. In a Python IDE, you simply press the ‘play’ button.

pycharm toolbar

The image above shows the header of the program PyCharm, a Python IDE. The green play button can be used to start a program.

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