Decision tree visual example

A decision tree can be visualized. A decision tree is one of the many Machine Learning algorithms.
It’s used as classifier: given input data, it is class A or class B? In this lecture we will visualize a decision tree using the Python module pydotplus and the module graphviz

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If you want to do decision tree analysis, to understand the decision tree algorithm / model or if you just need a decision tree maker – you’ll need to visualize the decision tree.

Decision Tree

You need to install pydotplus and graphviz. These can be installed with your package manager and pip.
Graphviz is a tool for drawing graphics using dot files. Pydotplus is a module to Graphviz’s Dot language.

Data Collection
We start by defining the code and data collection. Let’s make the decision tree on man or woman. Given input features: “height, hair length and voice pitch” it will predict if its a man or woman.

We start with the training data:
training data

In code that looks like:

Train Classifier
The next step is to train the classifier (decision tree) with the training data.
Training is always necessary for supervised learning algorithms

Decision Tree Visualization
We then visualize the tree using this complete code:

This will save the visualization to the image tree.png, which looks like this:

decision tree machine learning

If you want to make predictions, check out the decision tree article.

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