deep learning, one of the applications is robotics

Deep Learning is all exciting! Deep Learning can be used for making predictions, which you may be familiar with from other Machine Learning algorithms.

Becoming good at Deep Learning opens up new opportunities and gives you a big competitive advantage. You can do way more than just classifying data..

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Deep Learning Applications

Deep Learning can be applied in many industries: Consumer, Industry, Art, Finance, Science, Robotics, Energy, Transportation and more.

Applications of Deep Learning in the real world are:

Recognizing facesRecognize faces in images or videos
Object RecognitionNeural Networks can recognize objects in images, in fact, better than humans.
Caption GenerationGiven input of an image, it can output a text describing whats happening in the image
Deep SpeechAll of the big companies have a Speech Recognition system that is based on Deep Learning. Given a sound file or real time sound, the software can convert it to text.
Language TranslationGiven an input language, say English, a neural network can translate it to another language in a natural way. Not just that: think real-time translation.
Data CentersOptimize cooling of data centers. Google used it to save billions of dollars based on an algorithm!
Medical: Automated DetectionAutomated Detection of Retinal Disease or other diseases
Self driving carsComplete autonomous driving

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